Watch Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online: E9, Harriet And M15 Updates, Nonviable Egg Still In Nest [Video]

The Southwest Florida eagle cam live stream is still going strong and you can watch it online in the video player above. There are new updates in the lives of Florida’s most-watched bald eagles Harriet, M15 and E9. The second egg is nonviable, yet remains visible in the nest. Those who followed the live eagle cam in November noticed that M15 buried the egg, and only after Harriet laid the second egg, did she retrieve it to brood upon it. Even then, that was three days after the second egg was delivered and there was little hope for the egg’s survival then. Still, hopes were high that Florida’s warm temperatures may have incubated the egg, despite the lack of nurturing care, repetitive rolling and brooding. What is interesting, is that the egg remains in the nest and Harriet or M15 hasn’t taken steps to dispose of it. E9 can be seen curled up next to the egg as if it is a source of comfort. Dick Pritchett streams the Southwest Florida eagle cam live from North Fort Myers, Florida. One of the most popular attractions to the live streaming eagle cam is watching E9’s feeding. E9 hatched on Dec. 31, 2016, and is currently nine-days-old. Thousands have tuned in to watch the live streaming video that frequently shows large catfish in the nest and Harriet feeding her young eaglet. Feeding time is an event that occurs throughout the day and there’s a good chance that when you tune in to the live eagle cam, it won’t belong before you witness a feeding. Check out the photos below from E9’s feeding that took place on Jan. 9. If you haven’t seen the live eagle cam or watched the nest since it began filming in Oct. 2016 for this season, you can always watch the videos and see what you missed. There are many popular playlists that have compiled the most notable events in Harriet’s and M15’s lives and they are a great way to catch up on some of the most exciting events. With the advance of technology, there are many ways to watch the Southwest Florida eagle cam, and those with smart TVs can cast a video playlist or the live stream and watch it on the big screen. You can also tune in on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC desktops and more. Here are some wonderful playlists consisting of videos from the beginning of season 5 (this is the fifth cutch Harriet has delivered while streaming live on cam), that you can watch at your leisure. Many viewers are surprised at how devoted Harriet and M15 are to their young eaglet. Also, Florida has experienced some very cold weather and some have questioned whether that will have a negative impact on E9. Everything is progressing as it should with E9, and those who have questions, concerns or just comments about Dick Pritchett’s live streaming eagle cam, might want to check out the chat room at his site. The chat is up while there is a moderator present and at times it is difficult to log in. There are many fans of the eagles and the eagle cam who devote a great deal of time to not only watching and recording from the live stream but who like to respond to people’s questions. You can find a chat archive at Chatroll. Those who would like to learn more about Harriet, M15 and E9, yet can’t get into the chat room will find the eagle cam chat room archives beneficial reading. Are you following the live eagle cam and watching as E9 makes new changes each day? The popularity of the eagle cam hasn’t subsided with E9’s birth and countless continue to tune in each day for the latest news, updates, photos and videos. [Featured Image by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock]