Watch Eagle Cam Live Streaming Online, Eaglet Hatch Watch Is Happening Now, Check Out Photos Too [Video]

The countdown is underway as thousands of viewers watch the Southwest Florida eagle cam live stream that you may see in the video player above. Harriet and her mate, M15, have incubated two eggs for over a month and the eggs are ready to hatch. The eagle’s nest and web cams are located on property owned by Dick Pritchett. He first set up the web cam in October 2012 and has continued to be one of the leading sources for streaming, online viewing for live eagle cams. Dick Pritchett has a blog, official Facebook, Instagram and YouTube account that is devoted to viewing the eagles and updating their current status. The live streaming eagle cam is located in North Fort Myers, Florida. You can learn more about the Southwest Florida eagle cam’s history at Dick Pritchett’s official site. Check out photos of the eagles and the eggs from Pritchett’s Facebook page and Instagram below. You may see more pictures at the site here. Side by side comparisons of Harriet and M, taken this morning. (Photo by Sharon Dunne) #eaglecam #instaeagle #birdsofinstagram #birdpicoftheday #your_best_birds #nature_of_your_world #Allmightybirds #anythingfeathered #feather_features #birdextreme #fiftyshades_of_nature #ic_nature #allnatureshots #nature_sultans #nuts_about_birds #bns_birds #ig_great_shots_fla #animalelite #birdselite #bestnatureshot #igbirds #kings_birds @feather_perfection #loves_birds @Nature_brilliance #only_raptors #roamflorida #bestbirdshots #igscwildlife #nature2000 A photo posted by Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (@swfleaglecam) on Nov 1, 2016 at 9:05pm PDT Harriet (photo: Desiree Deliz) #swfleaglecam #eaglecam #instaeagle #birdsofinstagram #thetweetsuites #your_best_birds #nature_of_your_world #Allmightybirds #anythingfeathered #feather_features #birdextreme #fiftyshades_of_nature #ic_nature #allnatureshots #nature_sultans #nuts_about_birds #bns_birds #ig_great_shots_fla #animalelite #birdselite #bestnatureshot #igbirds #kings_birds @feather_perfection #loves_birds @Nature_brilliance #only_raptors #roamflorida #bestbirdshots #igscwildlife #nature2000 A photo posted by Southwest Florida Eagle Cam (@swfleaglecam) on Dec 18, 2016 at 7:14am PST As referenced by Dick Pritchett, the first season of eaglets hatched in 2012. This is the fifth season of the live streaming eagle cam, and other people are getting in on the action. There are several YouTube video users who watch the eagle cam and collect some of the memorable moments. YouTube user WskrsnWings has created a Season 5 video playlist. You may see those videos below. Another YouTube user following Season Five of the Southwest Florida eagle cam is Lady Hawk. She has collected a variety of videos from the streaming cam that highlight some of the best moments. The video coverage starts on Sept. 9 and is updated each day something significant happens. You may watch those videos below. Harriet first paired with an eagle named Ozzie who unfortunately passed away in 2015. After looking for suitors, Harriet paired with M15, and the couple raised their first brood in Jan. 2016. Now the pair is embarking on their journey again with two new eggs. The eggs for the fifth season were laid on Nov. 22, 2016, and Nov. 25, 2016. All eyes are on the cam as they are expected to hatch at any moment. It is against Florida law to disturb eagles or their nests. Due to that law, the live streaming eagle cam is a look at life in the wild. If an eagle is under attack, you will see the live stream from one of the three cams set up on the property. Dick Pritchett advises people to watch the eagle cam streaming live online from their homes, or through their mobile devices. It isn’t recommended to try and view the nests in person. The cams are situated in a premium location and will give the best view to viewers. The Southwest Florida eagle cam gives a look into the daily lives of eagles you otherwise would not see. Also, those who attempt to see the nests in person will be recorded, so it is best to appreciate the efforts Pritchett has invested in providing the live stream for millions of people to see, free of charge, 24/7. Stay tuned as we’ll bring you the latest news and updates as soon as the eagleets hatch. Are you going to watch the eagle cam live stream? [Featured Image by Rocky Grimes/Shutterstock]