2017 Land Rover Discovery full of off-road fun

PITLOCHRY, SCOTLAND-Bill Baker, the former PR guy for Land Rover North America, always said that you can’t win when you lay out a press test course for an off-road vehicle.“If the car can’t handle it, the car’s no good,” Baker said. “But if the car can do it, the course wasn’t tough enough!”The trick is to devise a course that the car can just barely handle. And if one or two journalists get stuck, well that’s their fault, not the car’s.Land Rover first showed the 2017 fifth-generation Discovery mid-size SUV driving across the world’s biggest-ever LEGO construction project, a replica of London’s Tower Bridge.The new Discovery, which drops the LR4 designation used in North America on the previous model, goes on sale in Canada in mid-2017, starting at $61,500.Article Continued BelowStyling-wise, the new car retains some of the cues from the previous models such as the stepped roofline, but in a modern, sophisticated way.Structurally, it is based on the aluminum-intensive Range Rover architecture, which lops some 480 kilograms off the car.Independent suspension front and rear can be fitted with steel or air springs, depending on your budget and how cushy you want your off-roading to be.