An automotive success story

At new car dealerships across Ontario, thousands of men and women are enjoying tremendous success in their chosen careers and making a positive difference in their communities. What many of these men and women have in common is that they didn’t have a clear career plan when they first entered the business. In other words, they stumbled upon their professions almost by accident and wound up excelling at them beyond their wildest dreams.Robert Morrison is a classic example. His story illustrates how an entry-level position in the retail auto industry can — with effort and dedication — transform into a calling and a career.By his own admission, Robert sailed through high school as an average student. He was not overly engaged with his studies and didn’t know what he wanted to do after he graduated. In 1995, acting on a whim, Robert answered a classified ad for a detailer at a local car dealership. He had always liked cars and figured the job would be fun. Article Continued BelowTo his surprise, Robert found detailing more difficult than he imagined, but that only motivated him to work harder. His willingness to learn and his passion for the work allowed him to become a highly skilled detailer. That hard work and passion caught the eye of the service manager who offered to sponsor Robert if he wanted to become a licensed automobile technician. Keenly interested, Robert enrolled in the Automotive Service Technician program at Centennial College, where he excelled at the in-class and apprenticeship components of the program, learning about electrical, braking and computer systems.