Boxing Week is the right time to buy or lease a new car

December has become one of the busiest months of the year for new and pre-owned vehicle sales in Canada.December may seem like an odd month to shop for a vehicle when consumers are shopping for gifts and preparing for the holidays. But when you consider the hundreds or thousands of dollars in potential savings available in December, a new vehicle purchase at this time of year suddenly makes a lot of sense.Boxing week runs from Dec. 26 to Jan. 2, and it’s one of the best times to buy or lease a new vehicle.Most major automobile manufacturers are highly motivated to end the year on a strong note: hence, the flood of holiday-themed car ads that are now appearing in print, on TV and online, featuring low interest rates, generous factory rebates, attractive lease rates, and more. It’s not only the manufacturers that are motivated to reach year-end sales targets. New car dealers are also keen on meeting monthly and yearly sales goals, with year-end bonuses and bragging rights up for grabs. Article Continued BelowDealers are also eager to move remaining outgoing model-year 2016 vehicles to clear space on dealers’ lots for 2017 models. Most dealers have great offers on 2017 models as well. As a result, opportunities for car shoppers to land a great deal are amplified even more. Shoppers should focus on discontinued and leftover models, or for vehicles that haven’t sold well and are in oversupply. If a dealership is overstocked on a particular vehicle, or if you’re not fussy about options and colours on remaining, in-stock vehicles, you can probably negotiate a very attractive deal. Another reason to buy a new vehicle in December concerns the condition of your current vehicle. If projected repairs are deemed to be too costly, or if you don’t think the vehicle will make it through another winter, why not consider a new vehicle now while the incentives are good?