Eye Candy: 1955 Austin-Healey

Occupation: Eye Physician and Surgeon, Professor of Ophthalmology, University of Toronto.The Car: 1955 Austin-Healey 100 RoadsterIn 1964, I was able to purchase a new MG Midget (with wire wheels) for $1,900. Since that time, I’ve been fascinated by convertibles, old and new. I have always tried to rent one when visiting other cities and have always wanted one approximating my own vintage.All kinds of antique convertibles captured my interest. Jaguar XK120s and XK150s were too expensive, said my bank manager. I have spent time at the Morgan Motor Company factory in Malvern, England, however the Plus 8 did not meet Canadian emission control standards.There were pitfalls in my search for an antique convertible: I visited a famous car museum in United States and paid for a rather derelict Austin-Healey. Because the painter of the car was more interested in alcohol than painting, I could see that this car was not going to be finished. I was able to recoup my investment and start another search.Article Continued BelowFor 20 years, our double garage has received everything that will not fit in the house: a veritable junk yard, one might say. My wife refused to enter the garage in principle over all these years and would never go in to find something that I had lost. With a car eventually coming, I actually cleaned up the garage and painted a safe yellow “landing strip” for the potential Austin-Healey, the yellow to show any unlikely leakage of oil.Three years ago, I joined the Ontario Austin-Healey Club and was told to visit a restorer who had redone hundreds of old Austin-Healeys.