New York Knicks News: Derrick Rose Is Missing And The Knicks Have No Idea Where He Is

Derrick Rose has seen a big of a career rejuvenation this season with the New York Knicks, and it seems as if he has been enjoying basketball again. That is why Monday night’s story is even stranger than originally thought. The Knicks had a game in Madison Square Garden against Anthony Davis and the New Orleans Pelicans, but Rose wasn’t active. Actually, Rose wasn’t even in the arena as he was missing and team officials have no idea where he is. On Monday night, the team announced that Brandon Jennings was going to take Derrick Rose’s spot at starting point guard for the game with the Pelicans, according to Bleacher Report. The reason wasn’t necessarily because Rose was benched for the night or anything, but no-one even knew where he was by game time. Sources: There are team officials, teammates and close associates unclear of reason for Derrick Rose’s absence for Knicks-Pelicans at MSG. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) January 10, 2017 As you’d expect, sources say Rose was unhappy with fourth quarter benching on Friday in Milwaukee — but unclear if that’s impacted absence. — Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojVerticalNBA) January 10, 2017 By the time the tip-off took place between the Knicks and Pelicans, New York had still not been in touch with Derrick Rose. It is not clear if they kept trying to contact him throughout the game or if they just stopped when he wouldn’t respond to team officials. No matter what the case may be, the Knicks did try reaching him throughout the day and at least, up until game time. From that point on, the team and coaching staff focused on the players who were there and trying to win the game. [Image by Christian Petersen/Getty Images] As recapped by ESPN, nothing seemed to go right for the Knicks on Monday night as they were absolutely demolished by the Pelicans 110-96. It wasn’t nearly as close as the final score indicates, and that is due to Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis missing the entire fourth quarter with an injury. Even though he played just three quarters, Davis still finished with 40 points and 18 rebounds against the Knicks. Brandon Jennings ended up being the high scorer for New York with 20, but nothing else went according to plan on this evening. Knicks summary:
Derrick Rose: M.I.A.
Carmelo Anthony: ejected
Kyle O’Quinn: ejected
Deficit: 24 points — Howard Beck (@HowardBeck) January 10, 2017 According to SB Nation, an assistant coach for the Knicks was looking around Madison Square Garden for Derrick Rose. He was late for his pre-game routine and as time went on, the stress kept rising because no-one could reach him at all. It was a strange night overall, and it is one that is going to continue as the team still has no clue where their star point guard may be. [Image by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images] After Monday night’s loss to the New Orleans Pelicans (15-24), the Knicks fell to 11th in the Eastern Conference with a record of 17-21. The team that looked to have all the pieces to win a championship this season, can’t even stay above.500 before the All-Star break. ESPN reports, as of this writing, that Derrick Rose is still “unreachable” as team sources have said, but the trouble is just beginning. No further information was given by the New York Knicks and they likely won’t say anything until they actually know where he is. So, to the Knicks, Derrick Rose wasn’t just a no-show, but he is missing. They are not aware where he is and when he may reach out to them. If the New York Knicks have a problem with Derrick Rose, they haven’t really shown it except for his being benched late against Milwaukee on Friday. Derrick Rose apparently, and obviously, has a problem with the Knicks, though, as he just decided to no-show Monday night’s game with the New Orleans Pelicans. While this could end up being something that is squashed easily, the Knicks had better hope things are resolved soon and their starting point guard is back on the court. [Featured Image by Mike Stobe/Getty Images]