Colorado dad is pushing for a smartphone ban on children under 13

DENVER—Colorado dad and Denver-area anesthesiologist Tim Farnum has always understood the intrigue of modern technology. Smartphones, tablets and unfettered Internet access connect us to faraway corners of the world and make life — and movie watching — all the more convenient.But the father of five is not convinced these devices are beneficial for children, a conclusion he came to after his two youngest sons, ages 11 and 13, got smartphones last year.“There were some real problems,” said Farnum, 49. “If you tell them to watch the screen time, all of a sudden the fangs come out.”Read more:Ban smartphones, laptops from kids’ bedrooms, pediatrics group urgesArticle Continued BelowPacifying toddlers with tablets, smartphones may hurt development, scientists speculateSouth Korea worried about smartphone addictionAs he tells it, his once energetic and outgoing boys became moody, quiet and reclusive. They never left their bedrooms and when he tried to take away the phones, one of Farnum’s sons launched into a temper tantrum that the dad described as equivalent to the withdrawals of a crack addict.