Impacts of income volatility should be wake up call for policy-makers

Inequality. Disparity. Precarity.There should be a separate mini-dictionary for the ways in which capitalism has disfavoured the many and how the world of work increasingly fails to deliver on what was thought to be the democratic compact: work hard, reap the rewards, build a secure future.The TD Bank added “volatility” to the lexicon this week in the context of income volatility. It’s a timely topic as we await recommended reforms to the province’s Employment Standards Act and the Labour Relations Act, the first review in more than a generation, as the government repeatedly reminds us, and one that is meant to improve security and opportunity for those made vulnerable by structural economic changes.Volatility is not a new area of study, but let’s give the TD credit for shining a light on what it calls a pervasive and profound problem.Article Continued BelowRead more:Boomers livin’ large on Toronto’s soaring real estate need to rethink: WellsOttawa’s innovation goal just isn’t realistic: Jennifer Wells