Boxing Day 2016: What's Open And What's Closed In Canada On December 26?

Boxing Day 2016 is here, and anyone looking to find what’s open and what’s closed across Canada will have some work to do. While the annual December 26 holiday is a chance for government employees to get the day off and (most) banks to close, it’s also a key shopping day where retailers hope to attract customers out to use their gift cards. That leaves it difficult for those scheduling errands on Boxing Day 2016 to find out what’s open and what’s closed in Canada. So below is a guide to which stores and offices you can expect to find open this Boxing Day and which ones will be closed. What’s closed on Boxing Day 2016 in Canada? The annual day-after-Christmas celebration is rooted in Victorian England, when servants of the wealthy were given December 26 off after working on Christmas Day to serve their employers. The “boxing” part comes from the gifts these employees were given, the Telegraph noted. “They were therefore allowed the following day for their own observance of the holiday and each servant would be handed a box to take home, containing gifts, bonuses and sometimes leftover food,” the report noted. In that same idea, public servants are generally given off on Boxing Day in Canada. Government offices will be closed on December 26, including public libraries. Banks are also closed on Boxing Day 2016, though customers who need to perform a simple function like depositing a check or transferring funds will be able to do so if their bank offers “smart” ATMs. What’s open on Boxing Day 2016 in Canada? The day after Christmas is normally a busy one for shopping malls. They will be ready for an influx of shoppers exchanging gifts they didn’t like or itching to spend the gift cards they got the day before. So most shopping malls across Canada will be open normal hours on Boxing Day 2016 — and some even offering expanded shopping hours. And because many offices are closed and many have the day off, movie theaters will be open and ready for some big crowds. Nearly all movie theaters will be open on Boxing Day 2016, though there are some exceptions, as the CBC noted. For example, the Revue Cinema in Toronto is actually closed on Boxing Day. Other attractions will be open on Boxing Day 2016 in order to give Canadians a chance to enjoy their extended holiday. The Toronto Zoo is open throughout the holiday week, for example (though it was closed on Christmas Day). And most museums will also be open on Boxing Day, as are pretty much all ice rinks. [Image by Guang Niu/Getty Images] And sports are a popular destination on Boxing Day 2016 as well. As the Telegraph noted, this harkens back to the roots on the holiday. “Boxing Day was a day on which families continued their Christmas celebrations by venturing out of their homes to enjoy entertainments including pantomimes, plays, variety shows, exhibitions, and sporting events such as football matches and hunts.” “In recent times, the day has become synonymous with many sports. Horse racing is particularly popular with meets all over the country. A full programme of football fixtures is also played on Boxing Day.” In Canada, that generally means watching at home on television as there’s not a lot of live sporting events to pick from. There are two hockey games in Canada on the AHL schedule and no NHL games at all until Tuesday. [Image by Jeff Zelevansky/Getty Images] There are likely many other small stores and locally owned restaurants open on Boxing Day 2016 in Canada, but for these it’s best to call ahead to make sure. [Featured Image by Adam Berry/Getty Images]