Mel Tillis Gets To Go Home From Hospital After Being In Care Almost A Year

Country music fans will be happy to hear the news that Mel Tillis has finally been able to go home from the hospital. Mel has been there for a year, and there was speculation that he would never be well enough to get to go home again. Taste of Country shared the details about how Mel is doing and what is going on with his health now. . @PamTillis updates Mel Tillis’ health, asks for continued prayers: — Taste of Country (@TasteOfCountry) January 4, 2017 In January of 2016, Mel Tillis went to the hospital and had to have colon surgery. Mel needed constant care after some complications and had to stay at the hospital. Now his publicist is revealing that as of November, Mel Tillis is back at home once again in Florida. It is unknown at this time why they kept it a secret from the fans for so long. Here is what his publicist revealed. “In November, Mel made the trip from Nashville back to his home state of Florida. He is currently at home in Ocala where he is being cared for by nurses as needed and continued physical therapy. His vitals are good and his sense of humor is very much intact. He is trying to get stronger and we are hopeful that will be the case now that he’s back at home. He misses all of his loyal fans and is beyond thankful for all of the well wishes. Your continued thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated.” His daughter Pam Tillis has not been sharing information with fans recently, and she actually feels bad about that, so she put a statement out on Facebook. Pam explained what is going on and apologized for not keeping fans up to date over the last year. “Information hasn’t flowed easily and we’ve been fiercely private about many of the details of his illness. Off stage, we are not particularly suited to the social media era. There were some very tough months with Dad’s illness. Our total focus was paying attention to him and his recovery; press announcements were not a priority.” Pam revealed that her dad spent time in several facilities in Nashville so that he could get the help he needed over the last year. Pam said that Mel became septic after an attack of diverticulitis and spent a month in intensive care last year. Pam Tillis misses her dad performing and said that he misses the fans. As of right now, Mel Tillis doesn’t have any performances planned, but you never know what will happen. The fact that he is back home again is a huge improvement. The last time that Mel Tillis put out an album was in 2010. Mel Tillis – Matter Of #Wine #357 #alanjackson #alisonkraussunionstation #music — (@EarVibesdotcom) December 23, 2016 About a week ago, Wide Open Country shared the news as well about Mel Tillis getting to go home again from the hospital. They shared that Pam is happy to share that his “vital signs are good and his sense of humor is fully intact!” This is great news and fans are hoping that Mel Tillis will continue to improve over time. If he improves in the same way that Randy Travis has, Mel might end up showing up a concert or an awards show in the future and surprising his fans. Are you shocked to hear that Mel Tillis was finally able to go home from the hospital? Do you feel like Mel will continue to improve? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and what your favorite Mel Tillis song of all time is. Hopefully, his daughter Pam Tillis will continue to share with fans how he is doing. [Featured Image by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images]