A lawyer, a thief and a PI are part of the latest reads for mystery lovers

TestimonyBy Scott TurowGrand Central, 485 pages, $38The central character in Scott Turow’s engrossing new book is a familiar Turow type: a trial lawyer with too much on his plate.Article Continued BelowBill ten Boom (his parents were Dutch immigrants to America) is mid-50s, a litigation ace in Kindle County (a Turow stand in for the Chicago area), pulling in huge fees, married and the father of two grown sons. Then he junks it all — marriage and big income included — in order to “start my life again.”The new beginning takes Boom to the International Criminal Court in The Hague where, after a slow windup, the book’s plot gets rolling in a trajectory that, through all its zigs and zags, is never without surprises and thrills, both intellectual and physical.Boom’s assignment is to track the villains who slaughtered 400 Roma in one horrendous butchering during the Serbian-Bosnian War and to bring the perpetrators to trial in The Hague. Turow is masterful at telling Boom’s story, revealing that nothing in it, including the parts involving the lawyer’s romantic interludes, comes even remotely close to what we readers expected.