Alexisonfire ready to make a racket once again (UPDATE: No, theyre not)

The lads prefer not to call it a “reunion,” but four-and-a-half years on from what looked to be the last Alexisonfire gig ever, at Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum on Dec. 30, 2012, the St. Catharines punk powerhouse has a suspicious habit of getting back together — or reuniting, if you will — for a few shows now and then.AOF had five booked this week, in fact: four at Toronto’s Danforth Music Hall this Sunday (June 18), Monday, Wednesday and Thursday — all of which were announced the day after the band made a surprise mid-set appearance during pals Billy Talent’s performance at the Air Canada Centre on Feb. 27 — followed by a trip to Montebello, Que., to play the Montebello Rockfest on Saturday, June 24. Then on Sunday, they postponed those dates, citing an illness.Easy come, easy go, one supposes. As has been the case since their first . . . er . . . “non-reunion” tour in the summer of 2015, the band — whose members all have other things on the go these days, the most notable being Dallas Green’s hugely popular City and Colour outfit — insisted, in a five-way-online chat last week, that it’s all very low-key and friendly and that there’s no new music brewing. We thought we’d ask again, anyway, when the Star roped singer/guitarist Green, singer George Pettit, guitarist Wade MacNeil, bassist Chris Steele and drummer Jordan Hastings into a five-way online chat last week, when the concerts still looked like a go.What was the one thing you missed the most about Alexisonfire while Alexisonfire wasn’t a band?George Pettit: At the risk of turning this into some sort of “I love you, man” bromance thing, the thing I’ve missed most about Alexis is the guys. Band and crew. It’s a fun group of people to be around. Hard laughs always. The endless chirps. It’s nice to see everyone a little more regularly.Article Continued BelowDallas Green: Obviously playing the songs that are such a huge part of my life would be first. But I would have to say just the strange sense of humour that we all seem to share is a close second. I think that’s what truly kept the band going and what allows us to still enjoy each other’s company today. It’s what kept the van rolling for all those years.Alexisonfire, from left: Wade McNeil, Jordan Hastings, George Pettit, Chris Steele, Dallas Green.  (Vanessa Heins photo)  Wade MacNeil: The energy of the shows. I don’t think there’s a greater feeling in the world than that. Chris Steele: The one thing I’ve missed most while Alexisonfire wasn’t a band is embracing one another’s bizarre hijinks while traversing the corners of globe. When abnormal becomes normal while treading the same wave of absurdity, you’re certainly in a sweet spot that money can’t buy. A strange bubble of existence would encapsulate us and collectively shed a malformed identity that only prevails when you live in unison with your best friends through a seemingly numberless era. Such a comfortable bubble and place to be.