Reel Brief: Mini reviews of Certain Women, The Lovers, Everything, Everything, Chuck, The Commune

Certain WomenStarring Laura Dern, Michelle Williams. Opens Friday at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Written and directed by Kelly Reichardt. 107 minutes. PGKelly Reichardt is not interested in big and flashy.Article Continued BelowLife is rather like the train in the opening moments of Certain Women, encumbered with a heavy load but moving along at a measured pace, the occasional plaintive wail of the horn a sign that existence is a burden not easily borne.Reichardt’s storytelling is also rather minimalist. There’s much unsaid and unarticulated in the stories of the three women in the film, whose lives touch the others only in the most tangential of ways.Laura a lawyer with a difficult client but she’s also the other woman to Gina, whose husband Ryan has been sharing her bed, although that seems to be drawing in an end.Gina is determined to have her dream home built, perhaps sensing that it may be a way to heal a fractured family.