The Bachelorette recap: How do you spell troublemaker? L-E-E

The good news is there was no “misconduct” involving sex on Monday’s Bachelorette.The bad news is the spectre of racism was raised. Or at least that’s what Dean suggested was going on after Lee turned his focus from messing with Eric’s head to messing with Kenny’s.Is it just coincidence that the guys that Lee, who’s white, is beefing with are black?I don’t know, but it made for some tense viewing, which wasn’t particularly welcome after a bad week for fans consumed with the Bachelor in Paradisescandal.And there’s more to come with a “two-night event” next week in which host Chris Harrison has promised the drama explodes. Article Continued BelowHopefully, the explosion will blow nasty Lee back to Nashville. He has clearly been kept around this long for the drama. I can’t convince myself that smart, sassy Rachel Lindsay actually likes his skinny ass, not when she’s got quality men like Peter and Dean around.And speaking of Dean, his one-on-one date with Rachel was the episode’s ray of sunshine. He has definitely moved up in the rankings of worthy men. All I can say is “Bimp, bimp, bimp!”Read on for details.