Tony Rosato, veteran of SCTV and Saturday Night Live, dead at 62

Toronto comic actor Tony Rosato, veteran of SCTV, Saturday Night Live and more, has died. The 62-year-old’s death on the evening of Jan. 10 was confirmed Tuesday by his longtime agent Larry Goldhar, who said that an autopsy is planned, but the death apparently resulted from a heart attack. Rosato was best known for his regular performances on stage at Second City, SCTV, Saturday NightLive, Street Legal and had a recurring character on Night Heat. He would later become a lead on the series Diamonds and was “busy all the time,” Goldhar recalled. The Naples-born actor was recognized for his zany comic characters — in his youth, he was once pegged to be the next John Belushi.Movie stardom never came, and his career was stalled when, in 2005, the actor fell into a serious bout of mental illness and languished in the maximum-security Quinte Detention Centre in Napanee. Article Continued BelowThe Star later reported that Rosato had been in jail for two years on a harassment charge when he was, in fact, suffering from Capgras syndrome, a rare condition most often associated with schizophrenia in which the sufferer believes those close to him have been replaced by substitutes.He believed that his ex-wife Leah and their infant daughter had been replaced by impostors in the spring of 2005, and he began to frantically call the police. Fellow actor Dan Aykroyd and a band of Toronto’s Second City performers and alumni came to Rosato’s trial. He was ordered to reside at psychiatric facility until psychiatrists deemed him fit to leave.


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