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Consumers are bombarded with a myriad of rumors on the upcoming iPhone 7 as Apple reportedly tries to innovate and take another leap of success for their next iPhone.

Buyers may expect a brand new iPhone 7 is set to launch this year that will exceed their predictions.

A new rumor claimed that the details about the new Apple smartphone already leaked. According to GizChina, Chinese supplier Foxconn is a bit delicate when it comes to handling classified details for their clients. So it is not surprising if this leaked detail of the new iPhone will be true.

But what makes this rumor more interesting than the other rumors last year is that the leaked details about the iPhone 7 consists of a new design and a number of new features that might keep Apple ahead of the pack.

Lethal combination
Photo from GizChina

Photo from GizChina

Leaked images of the new iPhone found on GizChina show a very peculiar design that combines some features of the current iPhone 6S with styles from the previous iPhone 5S. This would be a bit of a shock to everyone given that when it comes to improving something, you never go back to the old styles. But according to the rumors, this new iPhone will give you a bolder look “with 2.5D glass from panel, and flat metal sides with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the base of the phone and single speaker.”

The leaked design is generally a traditional iPhone but rumors have speculated that this new iPhone will have be thinner compared to the previous generations, including the already thin iPhone 6S, with a surprising 3000 mAh+ battery with up to 256GB memory.

Wireless Charging Dock
Photo from GizChina

Photo from GizChina

It is inevitable that Apple is going into the same direction as Samsung with the company rumored to be making a wireless charging dock is not surprising. Speculations regarding the iPhone 7 include a possibility of a wireless charging dock that could make or break Apple if they would ever compete with their rivals.

What are your thoughts on the rumored iPhone 7? Share it on the comments section below.

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