A relationship that wasn't meant to be right now: Ellie

Last fall, I met this guy who is my college roommate’s good friend.I had so much fun with him. He kept saying he was going to visit me at my school, which is two hours from him.He never did. He said he had family stuff going on.But we stayed in touch all year. Then, he came for one night and stayed with me and my friend. We ended up hooking up and he slept in my bed.I visited him the following weekend at his school. I met his friends and his brother and they all really liked me.Article Continued BelowWe both cried during the last night because we didn’t know when we would see each other again since I was transferring schools farther away from him.It’s hard for me to accept that I met the right person at the wrong time. I lost my virginity to him that night which also makes me attached to him.We kept in touch all the time. To my knowledge he wasn’t hooking up with other girls and I wasn’t hooking up with other guys.