Emotional conflict can lurk behind money squabbles

For 14 years, I never considered divorce, but life became tough the last years, especially financially. I had to end maternity leave early and become the main breadwinner.I still trusted my husband, we had joint accounts and the house was in both our names. I supported his full-time schooling for several months and ended up with large debt.When he eventually worked, we had opposite shifts, becoming like strangers.Harsh words were said and I realized that he abused my kindness.In a separation, it’d be hard to prove that all the debt isn’t only mine.Article Continued BelowHe denied doing anything on purpose and promised to help pay the debt through his new job.But he’s such a spender! He started to buy the love of our teenage son with very expensive tech toys which I didn’t approve on our tight budget.I felt that he took advantage of me.