Gifts to help kick off Canada's 150th birthday

Someone’s having a big birthday, eh? As the country gears up to celebrate its 150th, here are nine gift ideas that’ll help get your favourite Canadians ready to party this July 1st. For the farm-to-table CanadianThose who want a sampling of fruit from coast to coast, need only travel to Springridge Farm in Milton. Their Canada 150 Jam includes their locally grown strawberries, west-coast raspberries, east-coast wild blueberries and a splash of Canadian sparkling wine. They say the prime minister has already had a sampling, and the makers are working to have the Queen taste it next.$6.99 for a jar, Continued BelowFor the Trudeau-loving CanadianThose wishing to follow the PM’s lead can grab a pair of the red and white maple leaf socks he’s been sporting of late. The company behind them is based in Edmonton and was founded by two men who became friends after immigrating from the same town in Belarus. Yuri Gerchikov, one of the co-founders of Good Luck Sock, said as “proud Canadians,” the maple leaf socks were one of the first pairs they created.$13 for a pair of men’s or women’s Canada maple leaf socks,