My boyfriend is bothered by my promiscuous past: Ellie

I’m a woman in my late-20s and have been dating a man who’s three years younger than me, for five years. Initially, he was insecure about my dating experience compared to his having none. Also, I’d had many partners, but prior to meeting him I got more serious and changed my life.I’ve told him that any regrets I have, if any, are between me, myself and I. Since then, we’ve grown incredibly close and want to get more serious. But he’s still bothered about my past promiscuity and we’ve decided to actively pursue healing together.He says he needs to separate what I was like before from who I’ve been with him. Article Continued BelowCan I do anything about this or is it his issue to deal with? You’ve already made a solid decision to work together on this, don’t dilute it. You can’t erase your history, so confront it along with his reaction to it.If you go to therapy together seeking a stronger, healthier relationship, you have a good chance of getting even closer.