Readers critical of woman upset hubby wants to spend thousands on grandkids: Ellie

FEEDBACK Regarding the affluent grandfather whose wish to spend $5,000 annually for six years on his two young grandchildren, upsets his common-law spouse (June 22):Reader #1: “This is NOT his girlfriend’s business.“She should appreciate his kind and generous character. She’s lucky to have a man who promises her a life of security.“She’s selfish and petty.“No, I’m not a man but an attractive, high-earning professional woman who feels contempt for women who make money grabs instead of taking care of themselves.”Article Continued BelowReader #2: “Never does he express that he isn’t considering his partner and their future. He’s saying his retirement value is at $1.6 million and hers will add $500,000. With financial advice, he feels that THEY will be OK in the future.”Reader #3: “A financially responsible grandfather wanting to spoil his grandchildren shouldn’t be a problem.”Reader #4: “His two kids (27 and 30) are on their own; her two kids (20 and 23) still live with them. If they’re not paying market rent, utilities and their share of groceries, her children are receiving well more than $5,000 per year.”