The etiquette of ice cream sampling line or no line

How selfish are these samplers? It was the question on my mind as I waited at Bang Bang, the hip Ossington Ave. hangout that sells custom ice-cream sandwiches — that can feed two people — for $7 a pop. The line was long enough that it spilled onto the sidewalk. And yet a couple at the front was taking their sweet time trying samples. Sure, they spent nearly $50 on ice cream and cookies, but the staff sure had to spoon out a lot of samples — three different flavours to be exact — to satisfy them. It got me thinking: Isn’t it wrong to try samples if people are waiting behind you?Talking to the experts, I’ve learned the answer is no: Sampling is not only allowed in many ice-cream parlours, but also encouraged — line or no line.Article Continued BelowThere are no limits (in some cases)At Summer’s Ice Cream in Yorkville, there’s no limit on how many samples a customer can try. To owner Ron Tokey, the main thing is that you’re happy. “I love it when people are tasting,” he says.