Thinking highly of yourself and others is the key to confidence: Pasricha

Confidence. It’s that magical stardust we’re all looking for, isn’t it? We read all the time how we need confidence to ask someone out on a date, speak up in a big meeting or have a tough conversation with our partner or kids. But if you’re like me you probably feel your confidence wobbling up and down all the time. You have good days. You have bad days. Seal the big deal? Feel great! Ready to rock. Get tough feedback from your boss? Game over. Feels like you’re back at square one. To me the solution to developing confidence first lies in defining it. If we can explain it simply then it becomes easier to manage inside ourselves. So I draw something called The Confidence Scribble to help.On one side you have your opinion of yourself. Sure, it will flip-flop all the time. But let’s say in any instant it can be high or it can be low. Does confidence just have to do with your opinion of yourself? Article Continued BelowNo! Most people think it does. But we always have an opinion of others, too. That’s the other side of the box. So let’s get going. What do you call people with a high opinion of themselves and a low opinion of others?