Actor guilty of mischief for hiding camera in rental condo

An actor has been convicted of two counts of mischief for operating in a hidden camera in the Toronto condo he sublet to two women.J.P. Manoux “acted willfully” in violating the privacy of his tenants, Justice Rebecca Shamai said in a decision delivered in a Toronto court Wednesday morning.During the trial, the court heard that Manoux rented a condo on Queen St. W. near Dufferin St. while waiting for construction on his own condo to be completed.Beginning in December 2014, he sublet the unit to a pair of women while he went to Los Angeles for work.In January 2015, one of the women found a web camera hidden in a BluRay player, which Manoux had purchased to keep tabs on people in the apartment.Article Continued BelowManoux did not contest the fact that he had kept a hidden camera in the apartment, or that he viewed images of people in the apartment a “handful of times.”He maintained, however, that he was merely using the camera for security purposes, out of concern that his tenants might steal from him, as he said a previous tenant had.In her decision, the judge said Manoux is a “sophisticated, modern man” whose “appreciation of privacy cannot be so at odds” with what society views as a right to privacy in a person’s residence.