Bison death at High Park Zoo shocks visitor

On her first-ever visit to the High Park Zoo on Saturday, Chantrey Casey was greeted by a dead bison. It was a poor introduction to the 124-year-old attraction. It left Casey saying the place should be closed.“The bison’s legs were sticking straight out, very abnormally. Its body didn’t look limp, it looked stiff,” she said.The late bison, known as Alberta, was one of the zoo’s oldest animals. She was in good health but had been lethargic in the days leading up to her death, said Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation spokesperson Matthew Cutler. He said the public alerted staff to the dead animal and a post-mortem will be done to learn more.Article Continued BelowAlthough the zoo was closed late Saturday afternoon to remove the bison, 24 hours later, it was teeming with families waiting to glimpse its emus, yaks and reindeer.The bison’s death was the latest in a series of high-profile incidents — from financial uncertainty to animal escapes — that have put High Park Zoo in the headlines.In 2015, a peacock got loose causing a sensation on rooftops around nearby Roncesvalles Ave. In 2016, two capybaras bolted, leading to a $15,000 city-wide search.