Canada contributes $86 million more to South Sudan as civil war rages on

OTTAWA—The woman appeared content for the moment, waiting under a tree for a little bit of salvation to fall — quite literally — from the sky.International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau recalled seeing the woman in a northern remote region of South Sudan during a four-day visit that wrapped up Monday.The woman was one of the four million South Sudanese who have been internally displaced because of the four-year-old civil war raging in their country. Another two million have fled the country as refugees.“It’s the middle of nowhere for us, she didn’t even have a roof over her head,” Bibeau recalled in a conference call.“She was sleeping under a tree waiting for airdrops to feed her family.”Article Continued BelowSouth Sudan has emerged as one of the newest drivers of the larger global crisis in displaced people, one that reached epic new proportions Monday when the United Nations released the latest record-breaking number quantifying the problem: 65.6 million people on the planet have fled their homes.Read more:UN food agency warns South Sudan conflict is fuelling famine