Dinosaur skull discovery is a first for British Columbia

TUMBLER RIDGE, B.C.—A piece of dinosaur skull unearthed in northeastern British Columbia earlier this month is the first of its kind discovered in the province, an expert says.The fossilized tyrannosaur skull was found near Tumbler Ridge, in an area that has produced hundreds of dinosaur teeth, bones and footprints since 2001, but until this month had never yielded a skull.Richard McCrea, director of the Peace Region Palaeaontology Research Centre, said the discovery means B.C. now has “some bones in the game” when it comes to researching the types, age and geographic range of dinosaurs — information that until now mostly originates from Alberta.“We’re in a frontier in British Columbia because there’s been no research in this area,” he said. “This is quite a jump for us.”Read more:Article Continued BelowDinosaur hunting in Tumber RidgeHuge possible dinosaur graveyard in B.C. northeastVancouver Island resident Rick Lambert spotted the skull while hiking through the area about 600 kilometres west of Edmonton.