How countries are courting Ivanka Trump to get close to her father

WASHINGTON—The president of the Czech Republic is eager to have Ivanka Trump visit his country and he believes he has a compelling case to make.By a “happy coincidence” her mother is half Czech and President Milos Zeman hopes that’s the opening he needs to secure a high-profile visit from the first daughter as he tries to realize the kind of relationship with the U.S. government his country has long craved.“We would like her to know that we are the country where she might find a surprising number of people who will treat her very, very nice,” said Hynek Kmonicek, the Czech ambassador to the United States, who has been entrusted by Zeman to deliver a letter to Ivanka Trump at the earliest opportunity. “Because she’s, like, preapproved.”The letter remains undelivered, but Kmonicek is optimistic.“I hope I will be able to put a selfie on the Twitter,” he said with a smile as he mused about the meeting while lounging in his Northwest Washington office.Article Continued BelowRead more:Hours before Ivanka Trump dined with China’s president, her company won China trademarksDaughter diplomacy: Trudeau’s unorthodox play for Donald Trump’s approval