Its so hot in Phoenix that American Airlines Bombardier jets cant fly

There are certain truths that accompany summer in Phoenix: High-thirties temperatures persist well past sundown. It’s not considered abnormal to drive with oven mitts or ice packs in the car. And after a certain threshold, even the “it’s a dry heat” jokes cease being funny.Usually, the hot season is met with a certain amount of pearl-clutching disbelief by people outside of Arizona. Meanwhile, locals shrug, knowing simply to stay indoors as much as possible or escape to the cooler climes of Northern Arizona.But this week has felt different, even for seasoned desert-dwellers. The Southwest is experiencing its worst heat wave in decades. Excessive heat warnings have been in effect from Arizona to California and will be for the remainder of the week.How hot has it been? On Monday, temperatures in Phoenix hit 48 C, according to the National Weather Service, which announced the record-tying heat against a stock image of a flaming ball of fire.Article Continued BelowIt’s been so hot that even veteran local meteorologists are appending their tweets with #makeitstop.An American Eagle jet lands in Phoenix on Monday. American Airlines this week cancelled dozens of flights using smaller regional jets that have lower maximum operating temperatures than full size jets.  (Matt York / AP)  And it was so hot that at least 50 flights have been cancelled this week at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.American Airlines alerted its customers over the weekend, offering fee-free changes to upcoming flights that were departing or arriving at Phoenix between 3 and 6 p.m., when temperatures peak.The Fort Worth-based airline cancelled 50 flights Monday in and out of Phoenix and expected delays for at least seven flights to Sky Harbor on Tuesday, according to American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein.