Liberal legislation set to limit how long inmates can be kept in solitary confinement

OTTAWA—The federal government is introducing legislation that would limit how long prison inmates can be kept in solitary confinement.Once passed, the bill would — for the first time — impose a so-called legislative framework establishing a time limit for what prison officials call administrative segregation.Administrative segregation is used when there is no reasonable alternative to maintain the safety and security of the institution, staff and inmates. It differs from disciplinary segregation, which is applied to inmates who are found guilty of a serious offence in custody.The Correctional Service of Canada is also amending its policy to outlaw the practice in cases involving serious mental disorders or prisoners who are certified, those who are engaged in “self-injury” and those at risk of suicide.Read more:Article Continued BelowRestrict use of solitary confinement for mentally ill prisoners, independent reviewer saysData reveal ‘shocking’ numbers of Ontario inmates in solitaryOntario inmate held in solitary confinement for four years moved to better cell