Pearson airport blocks ads from passenger-compensation company Flight Claim

A rumble between Canadian airports and a Quebec-based corporation called Flight Claim is taking off this week, after Flight Claim was barred from advertising in Pearson International Airport and had their ads abruptly removed from Pierre Elliott Trudeau International. Flight Claim — which was founded in July last year — aids passengers in securing compensation for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights. The company takes 25 per cent of the payout in successful cases. Until Friday, it had been running advertisements in the baggage claim area of the Montreal airport and was seeking to branch out into Toronto. “We find that it’s the airport’s responsibility to inform the passenger of their rights. Or at least not to stop us,” Jacob Charbonneau, the company’s general manager, told the Star on Thursday. Read more:Pearson wants funding, federal help to turn airport into ‘mega hub’Article Continued BelowWhat you can claim during flight delays: RosemanFlight Claim’s bid for a marketing spot in Toronto began on March 23, when Charbonneau approached Astral Media — the manager of ad space at Pearson. A brief phone call took place between Astral Media and Flight Claim, where Charbonneau said he was asked for details about the business — namely, whether or not they planned to sue airlines. “(It) is a possibility, because we’re there to defend the passenger rights,” Charbonneau said in an interview. Shortly following, Flight Claim was denied its bid to advertise in the airport.