Quebec man found guilty of attempting to leave Canada to join Daesh

MONTREAL—A Quebec man was found guilty on Monday of attempting to leave the country to participate in activities of a terrorist group — a conviction that carries a maximum 10-year sentence.In handing down his ruling, Quebec court Judge Serge Delisle said Ismael Habib’s version of events lacked credibility.There is relatively little jurisprudence related to the charge as it was only added to the Criminal Code in 2013.The Crown had accused Habib of attempting to leave Canada with a plan to join Daesh, also known as ISIS or ISIL, in Syria.“The Crown is of course satisfied because we were asking that he be found guilty and we didn’t think his version was credible,” prosecutor Lyne Decarie told reporters.Article Continued BelowRead more: Quebec man threatened car bomb if plans to join Daesh revealed, court hearsQuebec men among ‘first wave’ of Canadians to join jihadist groups