Rediscovering the Garden of Eden in Scarborough, an old inn reopens: James

Considering Scarborough’s place in the psyche of Greater Toronto, the magnificently unknown Guild Inn is appropriately positioned — a treasure of superb value mysteriously underexposed to the point of anonymity.Locked in a languorous landscape above the breathtaking views along the Scarborough Bluffs, the grounds, the gardens, the architectural “ruins,” the heritage and the essence of the Guild Inn has cried out for exposure since its founder Spencer Clark died in 1986.Alas, an unlikely herald showed up this week on the wings of the gala opening of The Guild Inn Estate, a first-class special events destination venue that promises to blow the cover on one of Toronto’s best-kept secrets.“I never thought I’d see this,” said Mayor John Tory, attending the gala.“After so many false starts, it took someone with courage to take a huge risk. And they’ve done a classy, beautiful job.Article Continued Below“This will be a Mecca for people to come to and see what Scarborough is about,” Tory said, no doubt nodding to his Scarborough voters.Brian Ashton, a former city councilor who once represented the area off Kingston road near Eglinton, toured the revitalized enclave and wasn’t at a loss for words.“This is a specific example of heritage preservation and partnership with the private sector,” said Ashton.