Someone must know: anonymous man shot by police confounded the justice system

John Doe was the ghost who haunted Ontario’s legal system for 14 years.No one knows anything about his life before his first run-in with police at an Ontario library in 2003. No one knows his real name or birthday. Most of all, no one knows what led him to set up camp beside the Toronto rail corridor where police fatally shot him in June 2016 after an attempted arrest went horribly wrong. He continues to confound officials, even from the grave. “Mr. Doe is an enigma,” wrote Justice Gary Trotter in a 2011 judgment assessing the man’s fitness to stand trial. “Apart from his mounting criminal record, little else is known about Mr. Doe.”Doe had a long history of pedophilia, violence against police and disobeying every legal order he was ever given, according to Trotter’s judgment. The same document notes Doe was selectively mute, refusing to reveal anything about himself to anyone.Article Continued BelowWas he Roy Norman, who was caught stealing from a Goodwill donation box in 2007? Though he told officers he was 16, they suspected he was closer to 30, court documents said. Or was he Chung Nu or Jonathan Grant, two other aliases police say he used?Toronto police identified Doe by his fingerprints through various arrests and incarcerations, according to Trotter’s judgment.