Sophie Grgoire Trudeau urges girls to have confidence in themselves

WASHINGTON—Sophie Grégoire Trudeau kicked off a United Nations-led girls’ conference in Washington with a pep talk Monday, urging young women to believe in themselves and in their ability to shape the world.The prime minister’s wife referred to her own past eating disorder and talked about the ways young girls often lack confidence, in their appearance or in their ability.She opened the Girl Up Leadership Summit urging the hundreds of young women in attendance to fight back against that lack of confidence.Read more:Men and women ‘partners in our quest for equality,’ Sophie Grégoire Trudeau says in response to criticsArticle Continued BelowSophie Grégoire Trudeau takes push for gender equality to CubaShe also promoted Canadian international development programs, tailored to helping women.Grégoire Trudeau said it’s a basic economic truism that societies with empowered women are more prosperous.