The consumer connection in homegrown beef: The New Farm

When it comes to BBQ season, beef is king. Tasty Canadian burgers and steaks are by far Canadians’ top choice for the sizzling summer grill. In a national survey last year, 98 per cent of respondents said that when it comes to point of origin, buying Canadian beef is very important or somewhat important. But when you search out beef, how do you know where it’s from? Sometimes it’s hard to identify. Meat such as beef has long been sold generically, presented simply in clear packaging with little fanfare or description about the product within.Read more:Checking Canada’s pulse for lentils: The New FarmSo, beef producers across Canada have engaged in distinct product labelling and promotion, consumer education and brand identity.Article Continued BelowFor example, in Ontario, beef farmers have created an initiative to distinguish their product, called the Ontario Corn Fed Beef program. “Our beef producers want consumers to share the same pride they themselves have in their products,” says Jim Clark, executive director of the Ontario Cattle Feeders’ Association, which runs the program.Here’s how it works.