They braved a raging river to save a girl in an SUV: Every second felt like five minutes

Family night at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Frankford, Ont., was winding down and bundled-up parishioners were scattering into a bitter February night, one of the coldest in the winter of 2013.It was a happy scene with no hint of the frightening events that were about to unfold and the evening’s long-term impact.Rev. Dan Wood, pastor at the church, and his wife, Liane, were saying their last goodbyes until just one family remained, lingering for a few moments while their cars warmed up. Both couples allowed their teenaged daughters to wait in their vehicles that idled in the parking lot beside the Trent River, which runs through the town west of Belleville.The friendly chatter was halted by a loud crash.“Like somebody had run into the church with a car,” recalls Dan.Article Continued BelowWithin moments, one of the Woods’ daughters burst through the door.“Megan is in the river,” she yelled, referring to her friend.Read more: