Todays Georgia vote a test of whether the resistance can actually hurt Donald Trump

ROSWELL, GA.—The most expensive House race in U.S. history is in the hands of voters Tuesday in the northern suburbs of Atlanta.Either Republican Karen Handel will claim a seat that’s been in her party’s hands since 1979 or Democrat Jon Ossoff will manage an upset that will rattle Washington ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.Their matchup in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District has become a proxy for the national political atmosphere and a test of GOP strength early in Donald Trump’s presidency. Supporters of both candidates who cast votes early Tuesday morning said that divide made the contest emotional; several were relieved the race was nearly over after weeks of door knocks from the campaigns and a bevy of television ads.Read the latest news on U.S. President Donald TrumpTom Greathouse, an auto repair business owner who voted for Handel early Tuesday morning at a high school in Johns Creek, said he still was encouraged to see so many neighbours talking about the race.Article Continued Below“You know, there’s a seat that’s became available that’s been taken by the Republicans for a very long time,” Greathouse, 52, said. “I think there’s a lot of emotion. I think people are actually getting out and saying what they need to say this time, which I think is very important.”30-year-old Democrat Jon Ossoff's fortunes in Georgia's 6th Congressional District are an early test of the nascent resistance to Donald Trump's presidency.  (David Goldman / AP)  For Ossoff supporter David Ware, the decision is based on his belief that health care should be affordable.“I think it’s a personal race,” said Ware, 63, an attorney. “I think in the 6th District we have a chance to make a decision about who’s going to lead us whether the president is there or not there, whether his policies are good or bad. We need to have someone that we can depend on and rely on to make our voice heard.”