Toronto Islands will stay closed until completely safe, Tory says

Flood-ravaged Toronto Island Park will remain closed for the foreseeable future until water levels subside and the area made “completely safe,” Mayor John Tory said Friday.“People cannot come here, regrettably, this Victoria (Day) holiday weekend,” Tory said after surveying the sandbag-lined shoreline and trudging through submerged sidewalks in knee-high rubber boots.The closure means Centreville amusement park, celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, also remains closed.Regular ferry service to Centre Island and Hanlan’s Point is suspended until further notice and all permits have been cancelled until June 30.Forty per cent of Toronto Island Park is under water, including the main beaches, and levels have not been this high since 1974, the mayor said.Article Continued BelowMore than 300 buildings, including homes, and structures are at risk.While the rain has stopped for now, Lake Ontario water levels are expected to rise for several more weeks due to winter runoff, winds and waves, he said.About 45,000 sandbags have been placed on the shoreline around the city, about half on the island.