Toronto musician Prakash John scored his greatest gig with the Wayne Gretzky wedding

Before Prakash John walked on stage with his band, The Lincolns, at the Westin Hotel in Edmonton nearly three decades ago, he knew this gig was going to be a little different from any he had played in his illustrious career.It was a wedding reception, in no way a typical show for this Toronto-based band that toured extensively, playing its brand of R&B classics and some originals in cabarets and taverns across Canada.On this night, John didn’t have to worry about drawing patrons; the guest list was set and it read like a who’s who of Canadian sports and entertainment celebrities.The Lincolns’ only concern was to make sure the party went full swing for the reception that followed Canada’s “Royal Wedding” between hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky and his bride, actress Janet Jones.“I think I’ve only played three weddings, two for my friends and this one,” John said. “I knew that this would be an unforgettable Canadian event, so you have to play it. I was thrilled to be invited.”Article Continued BelowJohn founded The Lincolns in 1979, the same year Gretzky played his first NHL game with the Edmonton Oilers. And like The Great One and his cohorts they would be performing for on the evening of July 16, 1988, he expected excellence on stage as they did on the ice.If John was feeling any pressure he didn’t let it show.