Vaughan daycare operator sentenced to 22 months in jail

Olena Panfilova, who pleaded guilty in the death of two-year-old Eva Ravikovich, was sentenced to 22 months in jail Friday.Panfilova’s sentence also carries a three-year probation period after she is released from jail, during which she is forbidden to seek employment or volunteer in a position of trust involving children 12 years or younger.Eva died in 2013 after being left in a hot car by Panfilova, the owner of an overcrowded, unlicensed Vaughan daycare, for about eight hours. Panfilova pleaded guilty on April 4 to criminal negligence causing death.In his ruling, judge David Rose stated that he felt “it was inevitable that a tragedy was going to happen,” at the daycare.He cited the fact that Panfilova had 35 children in her daycare the day Eva died, despite the five-child limit mandated by the province for an unlicensed daycare, at the time. Parents were led to believe Panfilova was taking care of 15 children at most, according to a previously agreed upon statement of facts.Article Continued BelowIn listing other aggravating factors, Rose noted that Panfilova had been dishonest about how Eva died in her statements to police.Eva had sat in a car seat in Panfilova’s three-row Dodge Durango when the daycare owner picked her up the morning of July 8, 2013, and left the two-year-old girl sitting there until after 5 p.m.The day, described as “a hot humid day” in the agreed statement of facts, saw highs of 30 C and lows of 18 C. But in a car parked for hours, Eva felt temperatures far beyond that.