Self-hate and the actions of nations: Mallick

Watching President Trump schlep around Paris in a perpetual state of faux pas — ignoring Melania Trump, manhandling Brigitte Macron, seizing and patting down President Emmanuel Macron, rendering the French air kiss as an Attack of the Wet Lips — was excruciating but amusing.Trump, famously insecure, must dimly grasp his own humiliation. When people feel hurt, they lash out, and lashing out is what Trump does best. For instance, because Trump hates his own weight and age, he humiliates women for the decline in his own appearance. All hate is really self-hate.Trump was elected by humiliated white voters lashing out. But can countries with leaders like Trump be themselves humiliated in the eyes of the world?I was embarrassed by former PM Stephen Harper and was happiest when he didn’t visit foreign countries. I am humiliated by Canada’s treatment of Indigenous people, so I do the Canadian thing, forcing away praise by reminding foreigners of it.But countries are not people. They are structures. Can national structures feel humiliated? Foreign affairs journalist Gideon Rachman, writing in the Financial Times, says yes.Article Continued BelowHe offers three paths of greater or lesser humiliation for Britain in Brexit talks: 1. It totally caves in to EU terms.2. It leaves without a deal and wrecks its economy.