Boxer Adam Braidwood offer condolences to Tim Hagues family in emotional video

EDMONTON—Boxer Adam Braidwood fought back tears in a video statement where he offered condolences to the family of Tim Hague, who died after losing to the former CFL player in a heavyweight boxing match on Friday night.Hague was hospitalized after the one-sided loss via second-round technical knockout. His death was announced Sunday by his sister Jackie Neil.“I spoke to the Hague family in private and offered my condolences and I wanted to do the same now publicly,” Braidwood said in the post on his Instagram account. “I want to thank everyone for their support, all the kind words, it makes a big difference. This is really hard.”Hague, whose nickname was The Thrashing Machine, taught Grade 4 English at Ecole Bellevue School.Read more: Tim Hague, ex-UFC fighter, dies from ring injuriesArticle Continued Below“All the theatrics leading up to this (bout) — Tim and I were friends,” Braidwood said. “We spoke beforehand, we just wanted to make a beautiful fight for everyone and that’s what this was all about.“It’s one of those things that everybody saw me celebrating, but nobody saw me pick up Tim and carry him to the corner and tell him that I love him.”Hague (1-3 as a boxer, 21-13 in MMA), was a heavy underdog who accepted the fight on only two-weeks notice. He was knocked down three times in the first round against Braidwood (8-1) and referee Len Koivisto stopped the bout after two more knock-downs in the second round.