Los Angeles Dodgers arent tired of winning

MIAMI—Clayton Kershaw’s notion that the past five extraordinary weeks are the new norm for the Los Angeles Dodgers seems to be taking hold.Going into the all-star break, Kershaw suggested the Dodgers’ surge might not be a surge at all, but a sustainable pace. Then his team began the second half of the season with a three-game sweep at Miami last weekend.The NL West leaders start a two-game series at the White Sox on Tuesday with a nine-game winning streak and baseball’s best record at 64-29 (.688). They have won 29 of their past 33 games (.879).That’s some surge. Or not.“We’ve been pretty good all year,” third baseman Justin Turner said. “To say it’s a five-week thing I don’t think is fair to the team.”Article Continued BelowRead more:Jays prospect Tellez adjusts to slower trackErr of despair sinks in for Blue Jays: Griffin