Raptors crash vs. Bucks in Game 3

MILWAUKEE—They knew it was coming and did nothing about it, a failing of epic proportions that is the responsibility of the players and coaches alike.The Toronto Raptors let a young team that’s full of itself run rampant over them from the opening seconds of a very long night, something they fully expected would happen, something they had planned for and something they handled with astonishing ineptitude.The blame is all-encompassing — coach Dwane Casey has to share some, the players have to share some. It’s impossible to pick one or two people because there was so much to go around.And it will take every bit of resolve and mental toughness the Raptors have to recover from the pasting they took here Thursday night from the young and quick Milwaukee Bucks, a beatdown so thorough as to be almost unimaginable.The final number didn’t really matter — for the record, the game ended 104-77 for the Bucks — because the manner in which the result was achieved was far more telling.Article Continued BelowThe Raptors scored a franchise playoff-low 30 points in the first half, when they trailed at one time by 32 points, and they were spectators all night.They played into the teeth of Milwaukee’s trapping defence like they had never seen it before. They committed more mistakes, both mental and physical, than they had combined in the first two games of the series.They played rattled and tentatively, a far cry from what any veteran team should do in a game with such high stakes.