What you need to know about the Maple Leafs and Capitals in Game 5

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Seize the moment.When the Toronto Maple Leafs look around, there are playoff teams falling by the wayside. Columbus. Chicago. They intend to use that as inspiration.“It’s an extra motivator, you don’t want to be one of those teams yet,” Leafs goalie Frederik Andersen. “You want to keep playing, it’s a lot of fun, and you definitely want to win and keep playing. You earn your way to keep playing and you do that by winning.LIVE: Maple Leafs head to Washington for Game 5QUOTESArticle Continued Below“It’s important to stay in the moment just because we’re a young team in a rebuild. If we make the playoffs one year, it doesn’t mean we’re going to make the playoffs the next year. We’re in a good position now and I think it’s definitely important for us to stay in the moment to capitalize on this opportunity.”The Leafs have a taste of post-season success, and want to keep it going.  (Molly Riley / The Associated Press)  Auston Matthews“We came into this series a confident team when we play the right way. Again, now, here we are. A best-of-three and this is what makes it fun. These games are fun to play in.”James van Riemsdyk