WWE News: Bayley, Charlotte, Nia Jax, And Sasha Banks Will Compete In A Fatal Four Way For the 'Raw' Women's Title At 'Wrestlemania 33'

The fact is there can only be so many matches on the Wrestlemania 33 card, so WWE officials need to figure out how to get as many WWE Superstars onto the show as possible. The “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal” allows a lot of superstars to make an appearance and be on the show, but it can be challenging for the powers that be to feature all their top stars appropriately with big matches on the biggest show of the year. Last year, there were two women’s matches during Wrestlemania 32. Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Becky Lynch competed in a Triple Threat match to determine the WWE Women’s Champion while most of the women’s roster competed in the five on five tag team match during the pre-show. Overall, it worked out pretty well, but WWE is going to have a bigger challenge for Wrestlemania 33 with two women’s rosters and two titles. The women’s division on Raw is stacked, but the rumors have been claiming that WWE officials are focused on making Bayley the top female babyface for the brand this year in Orlando. The belief was her rivalry with Charlotte would be featured through the WWE Royal Rumble, WWE Fastlane, and culminate with Bayley winning the Raw Women’s title and simultaneously ending Charlotte’s undefeated streak on WWE PPVs. [Image by WWE] However, it’s being reported that WWE officials have canceled their plans for the Bayley vs. Charlotte rivalry or that was never the plan heading into the grandest stage of them all. The biggest problem with the match is it left Sasha Banks and Nia Jax in limbo. Both women are too important to the women’s division on Raw to take a backseat during Wrestlemania season. WWE officials realized this and have planned accordingly. According to the report above, the Raw Women’s Championship match isn’t written in stone, but the report is claiming a Fatal Four Way match is in development. Charlotte would defend the women’s championship against Bayley, Nia Jax, and Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 33. Right now, Bayley is feuding with Charlotte and Sasha is feuding with Nia Jax. WWE’s plan for Wrestlemania 33 is simply to combine all the elements. On paper, the plan may be the best case scenario for WWE. A Fatal Four Way allows all four of Raw’s top women to be featured in the Raw Women’s Championship match at Wrestlemania 33. Not only that, but no one has to take a backseat for a singles match. Speculation and news about what WWE has planned for the SmackDown Women’s Championship has been scarce, so WWE booking a Fatal Four Way for Raw is smart. [Image by WWE] WWE’s biggest story going into the match will be Charlotte’s undefeated streak on WWE PPVs, but that will be the smart booking of the Fatal Four Way. The odds of her walking out of Orlando with the Raw Women’s Championship are going to be slim, but Charlotte’s overconfidence will be her downfall at Wrestlemania 33. The Fatal Four Way also gives WWE the opportunity to take the championship off Charlotte without being beaten. Technically, Charlotte will have lost the match, her undefeated record of WWE PPVs, and her Raw Women’s Championship in spectacular fashion on the grandest stage of them all without being beaten. That will give her the momentum to continue a feud with the winner to reclaim what was stolen from her. That’s a great story for WWE television after Wrestlemania. Chances are WWE officials are still favoring for Bayley to win the Fatal Four Way and the Raw Women’s Championship. They’ve just changed the way it will be done on the show. The WWE Universe will still get a personal feud between Bayley and Charlotte. It will just happen after Wrestlemania. Not to mention, this Fatal Four Way could even be the match of the night. [Featured Image by WWE]