Drivers no longer need to dodge Coronation Dr. sinkhole: The Fixer

A sinkhole surrounded by pylons is no longer bedeviling traffic on Coronation Dr., after the city finally filled it in.Our May 25 column was about a hole that formed in the eastbound lane of Coronation, east of Manse Rd., barricaded with pylons that kept traffic away from it but caused an even worse problem.After the pylons went up, there wasn’t enough room for eastbound traffic to go around without veering into the opposite lane. And since it was on a bend in the road, drivers couldn’t get an early look at oncoming traffic.Sinkholes are usually caused by a leaking water or storm sewer pipe that washes out the roadbed. Toronto Water investigated and said it had nothing to do with its pipes, which left transportation services to figure it out.Whatever the cause, we got an email last week from transportation services, saying the sinkhole was fixed, which we confirmed when we returned.Article Continued BelowOn June 10 we reported on a street sign that had potential to confuse some drivers looking for Park Home Ave., while headed south on Yonge St., south of Finch Ave.A large street sign for Park Home has for many years been mounted on a pole about a block north of the Yonge-Park Home intersection, to inform drivers looking for the street that they’re approaching it.But long after the sign went up, two condos were built right next to it on the west side of Yonge, with a lane in between them — created to provide service access to the buildings — that looks a lot like a new street.