Roadside trash reveals the worst of the human spirit: The Fixer

The sides of our streets and highways in early spring reveal a lot about the true pace of intellectual evolution.How else to explain the annual rite of Spring Cleanup Days, required to remove the vast amounts of garbage that accumulate over a winter only to be laid bare when the snow recedes?The city always looks its worst in early spring, which is why so much effort is put into community initiatives in April to tidy up after people who can’t be bothered to do the right thing with their trash.But local cleanups don’t always get to the areas bordering highways, where trash tossed from moving vehicles piles up in cold weather and amounts to an ugly reminder of how thoughtless people can be.And it always sets off a flurry of complaints from readers who are sickened and disheartened by the mess.Article Continued BelowDerek Saldanha emailed us a series of photos from Burlington that shows copious amounts of trash along the roads in his area, asking, “Where are these pictures taken?“You might assume some third-world country, but this is Ontario, just off our ramps and roads. The amount of litter on our public spaces, parks, roadsides and highway on/off ramps is an utter disgrace.“When you drive through the U.S. and Europe you do not see this. I have driven extensively in the U.S. and they are always picking up litter on their highways and public spaces.